Worry-Free Washing Warranty

If you have a warranty claim for a diaper you purchased from Dipes ‘n’ Duds and your claim is denied by the manufacturer because you followed our diaper washing advice, we will replace your diaper free-of-charge.


Why did we create the Worry-Free Washing Warranty?  Because we have heard from so many parents who are having trouble with cleaning their diapers, yet are scared to wash them like the heavily-soiled laundry they are out of fear of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.  Instead, these parents feel cornered into using small amounts of weak detergents that leave their diapers with stains, smelling like a barnyard, and, what’s worse, full of ammonia that can cause rashes and even ammonia burns on their baby’s bum.  Then, to top it off, they get trapped into a constant cycle of trouble-shooting these issues and end up spending extra time and money on all sorts of laundry additives, special wash routines, and regularly stripping their diapers.  As part of our Common Sense Cloth campaign, we decided enough is enough and the Worry-Free Washing Warranty was born.



Many diaper manufacturers recommend using only natural, enzyme-free, dye-free, perfume-free, and/or specially designated “cloth diaper-safe” detergents on their diapers.  They also frequently recommend using tiny amounts of detergent along with the highest water level possible.  As discussed in our blog, we strongly believe this is outdated advice.  We are so confident in our washing advice (see Caring for Cloth) that we are willing to stand behind it 100%.  Therefore, if you have any issue with a diaper you purchase from us that would normally be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, and your claim is denied due to following our washing advice, we will replace your diaper for free.  If we are unable to provide you with an exact replacement, we will contact you to offer you either a similar substitute or a store credit for the purchase price.


Warranty Details:

1) Your claim must be made within the manufacturer’s warranty time-frame.  In other words, if the manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty, your claim with Dipes ‘n’ Duds must be made within 1 year of the purchase date.

2) Your claim must be for a defect that is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

3) Your claim must be denied solely for following our washing advice.  If the manufacturer cites other reasons for denying your claim such as the diaper being washed on the sanitize cycle or the use of other laundry additives we have not recommended, we cannot honor the warranty.

4) You must provide written proof from the manufacturer that the claim was for a covered defect but was denied due to following our washing advice.  In most instances, this will be the e-mail response you receive from the manufacturer regarding your claim.  Please include your original e-mail to the manufacturer if possible as there are occasionally misunderstandings between a customer and manufacturer that we can sort out directly with the manufacturer.

5) Your claim with Dipes ‘n’ Duds must be made within 30 days of your denial from the manufacturer.

6) You are responsible for the shipping cost of returning your diaper to Dipes ‘n’ Duds.  We will ship your new diaper to you for free.


How to submit a claim:

1) Please contact me directly at my e-mail address listed on our contact page:

2) In your e-mail, please include the brand/style of the diaper, the purchase date, and a brief description of the defect(s) for which you are making the claim (include pictures if possible).  Also, please attach the denial letter from the manufacturer.

3) Once we have confirmed you have a valid claim under our warranty, we will contact you with instructions for sending us your diaper.  **Please do not send your diaper to us until you have been told to do so!  In the event we determine your claim is not covered under our warranty, you will be responsible for the shipping charges for us to return your diaper to you.

4) Wait for your new diaper to arrive!  In the event we are unable to do an exact exchange, we will offer you either a substitute diaper or a store credit for your purchase price.