Newborn Diapers

If you plan to use cloth diapers from birth, you will need a newborn-specific stash as one-size diapers rarely (if ever) fit a newborn well/properly. On this page, you will find some great newborn diapering options. If you are looking for an all-in-one or all-in-two option, check out Smart Bottoms Born Smart diapers or Bottombumpers size Small diapers. Both offer a great, trim fit for your little one without compromising absorbency. If you prefer the simplicity of flats or prefolds with covers, Osocozy flats or infant-sized prefolds are super soft, super absorbent, and very economical options. Or, for even more absorbency and a trimmer fit, try Smart Bottoms Hemp Smartfolds size Small. All of these flats and prefolds pair perfectly with Thirsties size 1 Duo Wraps and their X-Small Diaper Covers.

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