1. Gender Reveal/Bringing Home Baby Box - Total Control

Gender Reveal/Bringing Home Baby Box - Total Control

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We are so excited to offer this fun new surprise box!  Whether you are looking for a unique way to find out/announce the gender at a gender reveal party before birth or you are "Team Green" and want some gender-specific items for your baby at birth without having to ruin the surprise for yourself... this box can be tailored to your needs/desires to help you celebrate your newest addition!  For this particular box, you will choose exactly which items you would like to be included for each gender and then we will add in a few little surprises for you as well (which is why we ask for the additional info above).

How it works:

Have your doctor/ultrasound tech put the gender of your baby in a sealed envelope... NO PEEKING ;)

Purchase your Gender Reveal/Bringing Home Baby box and then mail the envelope to us: Dipes 'n' Duds, 15523 Monona Dr, Derwood, MD 20855.  Many doctors/techs include the ultrasound picture - so please package carefully (we recommend sandwiching between two thin pieces of cardboard taped together or using a photo mailer) to avoid damage.  Your ultrasound picture will be returned to you in your box.

To purchase your Gender Reveal/Bringing Home Baby Box, please add this item to your cart along with TWO of each item you would like in your box - one for each gender.  For instance, if you would like a Smart Bottoms 3.1 diaper in your box, you would add one print you would like for a girl and one print you would like for a boy to your cart.  If an item you would like to add to your order is currently out of stock, please contact us so we can help you get exactly what you want!

At checkout, please use code "surprise50" for 50% off your order.  This code can ONLY be used on orders that are exactly even in items/value.  In other words, you cannot select a discontinued print that is on clearance for one gender and then add a full priced item for the other gender.  Any order that is *not* even and uses this code will be cancelled.  If the items you would like are not equal value between the genders, please contact us for a custom box.

Please allow 2 weeks for processing time as it will take at least 2-4 business days for your ultrasound/gender information to reach us and we take extra care to ensure this package is perfect for your special occasion!  Your items will arrive wrapped (in gender neutral colors) in a box inside the shipping package - so you may open the shipping package at any time without worrying about spoiling the surprise!  Then it is up to you if you prefer to open the box prior to birth to find out the gender or if you wish to take the box with you to the birth so you have gender specific items for your newest little one :)

Additional service:  If you are planning to use this as a Bringing Home Baby box and would like the clothes and/or diapers to be washed/prepped for you so they are ready to use immediately, please contact us for a prepping quote!  Pricing will depend on the number of washes needed :)

PLEASE NOTE:  This surprise box must be purchased separately from any other items (i.e. any you would like shipped immediately - not as part of the surprise box).

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