Like most first-time parents, when Rob and I found out we were expecting our son, we were excited to start picking out cute and stylish baby clothes, accessories, and necessities for our new addition.  One “necessity” (or “accessory” – depending upon how you look at it!) we had never even considered, though, was cloth diapers.  To be honest, I cannot even recall what first sparked my interest in using cloth.  I do recall, however, that Rob’s first reaction to the idea was thinking I was crazy!  After all, why on earth would we want to deal with washing (and then re-using!) diapers?!?  But the more I researched cloth and shared the information I found with Rob, the more we realized cloth diapering was the right choice for us.

We began cloth diapering little Robbie just days after his birth in August 2012, and we quickly fell in love with the convenience, effectiveness, and cuteness of cloth.  One thing we quickly discovered, however, was a lack of cloth-friendly clothing options.  In fact, we found that many baby clothing lines were not really even that friendly to the many shapes and sizes in which babies come – regardless of what type of diaper they wear!  So we set out to do something about this and Dipes ‘n’ Duds was born.  In addition to high quality cloth diapering options, our goal is to offer a line of clothing that is fun, stylish, and, above all, comfortable for your little one regardless of whether you use cloth or disposable diapers.  One of the key products in our line will be our t-shirts… because, after all, if your baby is going to wear an adorable diaper, you are going to want him to wear an adorable t-shirt to show it off!  The baby years should be one of the most exciting times in your life… so why not add a little fun and style?