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When you select this option, we will make a $5 donation to Together We Rise - a non-profit organization that does amazing work for children in foster care!  Did you know that most kids are given two trash bags for their belongings when they enter the foster care system?  Having seen this first hand, we have elected for our donation dollars to go toward "sweet cases" - large, high-quality duffel bags filled with a stuffed animal, blanket, hygiene kit, and more that are given to foster children to let them know that they are worth so much more than trash bags!!  Thank you for helping us provide these "sweet cases" to these children <3  For more information on this organization or to make a direct donation, please visit their website at www.togetherwerise.org.

*To help avoid excessive credit card processing fees and ensure the maximum amount possible will go directly to this organization, donations will be made on a monthly basis rather than per individual donation :)

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