Current Coupons

Current Coupons/Promotions!

These are the current coupons/promotions that we are offering.  These promotions are all time-limited; however, depending on the availability of the promotional items, the length of time for which they are available will vary - some promotions might only last a day or two while others might last a few weeks!  Therefore, it is important to check this page each time to you shop for the most up-to-date coupons :)  Also, while you are free to use these promotions as many times as you would like while they are valid, only one coupon may be applied per order unless otherwise noted.

*Please note that you *must* use the coupon code to have the promotional item added to your order!  Not only do the codes track the number of promotional items available but, in cases of manufacturer-sponsored promos, they are often required by the manufacturer.  If the item is not added to your cart when you use the code, it means this promotional item is no longer available.  Additionally, if any portion of the order is returned causing the order total (not including any applicable taxes and shipping fees) to fall below the threshold for the promotion, the full retail value of the free item will be deducted from your refund or, in the case of a reward points promotion, all bonus reward points will be forfeited.*

FREE GroVia Nylon Tote

Orders of $50+ worth of *GroVia items* will receive a FREE GroVia Nylon Tote!  Please note that you MUST enter the code below, which will automatically add the tote to your cart (while supplies last!).

Use code: FREETOTE

FREE Aromatherapy Patches

Spend $75+ and receive a free pack of Purple Frog aromatherapy patches!  Choose from Snooze Button (code SNOOZE) or Air Awakening (code WAKEUP).