You may or may not have noticed that one of the questions at checkout is our Go Green option and you can either select "No packaging" or "Standard packaging".  By choosing "No packaging" you are allowing us to remove any packaging that does not have to be damaged to remove it so we can reuse or recycle it for you.  Examples of the types of packaging we remove include the hanging tags that many diapers come on and the zippered hanging bags GroVia O.N.E. diapers are in.  Examples of packaging that will *not* be removed are tags that would have to be cut off or plastic wrappers that are intended to keep a set of items together (such as in the case of cloth wipes).  Choosing the "No packaging" option has many benefits including ensuring that all packaging is reused or recycled to the fullest extent possible, reducing the need for excess shipping supplies/packaging that are sometimes required when shipping items with bulky packaging, reducing the shipping weight of each package - thereby lowering our carbon footprint, and helping us keep our minimum free shipping threshold and flat rate fee for small orders as low as possible!  We, of course, understand that there are times when you want all of the packaging - such as if you are new to a brand and need the care instructions or if you are giving the item as a gift.  But if you are one of the people who just throw the packaging straight into the trash or recycling bin as soon as you receive your order - consider choosing to help us Go Green :)